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Ballade d'Automne

Green Fashion Editorial published in Fogs Magazine

(c) photo: Lena Scherer | H&M: Claudia Plath | model: Meikel Peehs , Kultmodels & Charlotte Marie Nowak , Muga Models

shot in Hamburg, Germany

Since very small age I was fascinated by fabric and the act that you can create something three-dimensional you can „life in“.

I became a designer and stylist to create outfits that would empower the person wearing them because I truly believe that if you feel good and beautiful in the outfit you wear you will move in a different way.


But the fashion industry changed during the last years. It turned into a very dirty industry that is responsible for a very large output of greenhouse gases, pollution, and modern slavery.

But there are many labels out there who do a hell of a good job and create fashion that is not only beautiful but also fairly produced and made with sustainable materials. Doing this is incredible hard. You have to climb so many obstacles within the supply chain. But they do it. 

We were fortunate to work together with some of the, and create this entire sustainable editorial. Thank you for the trust! Your work ist amazing!

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